Moving From Ohio To Boulder Colorado?

Are you coming out for a Job? The culture? The mountains? The sun shine?   For real, it’s sunny…. like…. every day 🙂

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Getting You There – K&A Properties K&A Properties

In 2011 Ken Crifasi and Allison Benham made the move from Columbus, Ohio to Boulder. They started K&A Properties to help others make the move to Boulder, find homes they love and feel welcome in their new city.

Whatever your reason for moving across the country chances are when you get here you’d like to end up in great home. You’re going to need to know which neighborhoods are the best and which ones fit your lifestyle. Best case scenario – you have someone who understands where you’re coming from and who can make it easy to get to where you want to go.

Our Guarantee

We’ll always be friendly, easy to communicate with and quick to respond to your needs. We are happy to spend as much time as it takes Our Guaranteefor you to feel confident that we’ve found you a great home.

We believe so strongly that you’ll love working with us, we never try to tie you into an agreement. You can cancel your relationship with us at anytime.

Read More About What We Guarantee

Call and ask us about

  • How We Can Help You Find A Great Home
  • A Particular Home You’ve Seen and Want to Know More About.
  • Our Housing Market Conditions
  • The City or The Lifestyle
  • Our Fantastic Team

 We are by the phone seven days a week, reach us at 303-956-1771


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We look forward to meeting you!

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