I Want to Speak to an Expert For a Few Minutes

Hey, its Ken from K&A Properties. Everybody’s different and it is a rarity that anyone’s unique situation fits perfectly into all of the standard parts of buying a home. In most cases home buyers have to do something different than the typical process you read about on Realtor.com.

There is usually some extra prep work preparing the necessary documents to be eligible for home ownership and in some cases buyers need some unconventional type of financing that their bank doesn’t provide and they may not even know exists. Sometimes it’s as simple as making a small edit to a buyers credit score that holds a buyer back from getting a home and often it only takes a few months to make the correction. If you are like most home buyers out there, there is probably something unique about your situation that you ought to know the best way to handle.

That’s why we keep our phone lines open to quick questions. We’re happy to spend a few minutes answering a question, connecting you with the right resource or doing a quick overview of your goals and how you can best achieve them. It won’t cost you a thing and by no means do you need to do business with us.

Go ahead, give me a call at 303-956-1771 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.   I’m around 7 days a week.


Realtor, Investment Specialist and Owner of K&A Properties

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