Valentine’s Day in Boulder CO- Where to go? Where to go?

Sushi Zanmai Boulder

Sushi Zanmai Boulder

Thursday’s mean one thing here at K&A Properties. Thursdays = several hours of throwing balls at each others heads at our weekly dodge ball game at the South Boulder Rec Center. But, alas, no dodge ball next week because the date is February 14th! We will have to take a break, put the killer instinct on the back burner, and probably go on a date. So here are a few ideas I have thought about today and I wanted to share. These are a couple of our favorite restaurants here in Boulder and would be great V-Day spots.

Pizzeria Basta– This great casual yet elegant restaurant is one of our faves. They serve classic Napoletana style pizza that really hits the spot. Ken goes past pizza connoisseur and verges on the pizza obsessed and Pizzeria Basta is his fave. They also have domestic charcuterie and cheese to start off with, a great wine list, super friendly servers, and homemade doughnuts for dessert that you can dip in homemade whip cream. Need I say more?

The Kitchen -Simply one of the best meals you can have in Boulder. They call themselves a community bistro because they have Community Dinner Monday nights where they donate 20% of the sales to putting organic gardens in Boulder Schools.  They have a farm-to-table menu that evolves seasonally and the atmosphere is elegant, sophisticated and comfortable all at the same time. The tomato soup here is famous among Boulder-ites. Try the ribeye or the mussels.

Sushi Zanmai -For the casual, fun Valentine’s Day. Sushi Zanmai has some of the best sushi I have ever had (and I lived in Japan for a chunk of 2007 and 2008) and a really fun, inviting atmosphere. The staff is so friendly and they are all clearly having a really good time. The food is great and it all has a really nice Boulder vibe.

Flagstaff House -The Flagstaff House is where you want to go for special occasions and to really do it up right. To get there, you twist and turn up Baseline Road to a beautiful restaurant perched on the side of the mountain. The views are absolutely amazing- a truly one of a kind dining experience. For the resident meat eaters, try the Filet Mignon. If you are on a budget, go there for drinks, appetizers, or dessert at the bar.

Well, I haven’t decided where we should go next week for Valentine’s Day but I do know that I am really hungry now. If you are thinking about going to one of these or have a restaurant or activity that should go on this list, let me know and I will include it!


Allison Benham