Where in the World is Niwot, Colorado?

If you are interested in small town, eclectic, Colorado living, Niwot, Colorado just might be the place for you. It is an old town with historic with a cozy feel, fantastic mountain views, and an artistic flair. It is nestled in the foothills just 10 minutes north of Boulder on Foothills Parkway.

Niwot is named after Chief Niwot, a leader of the Arapaho Indians who lived on the Front Range until gold miners came in 1858. Niwot was established as a railroad town 17 years later.  It straddles the train track which is still functioning today.

In Arapaho, Niwot means “Left Hand,” which also titles Left Hand Canyon in North Boulder (a great place to hike, bike, and enjoy scenery), Left Hand Brewing Co. in Longmont, and Lefty’s- the best gourmet pizza joint in Niwot.

Niwot has collected many small businesses that bring heart and soul to the town. You can’t pass up eating at award winning Colterra Restaurant owned by Chef Bradford Heap. If you’re new, he’ll will surely visit your table and passionately discuss the food he will be serving you. Local ingredients, superb menu, and beautiful garden setting.

The best burger place within miles can be found at the Niwot Tavern. Enjoy the atmosphere of locals and nightly specials. On Monday night there is $12 prime rib. That is all I am going to say.

After all that chowing, head out to the Niwot Loop Trail for a stroll that weaves through open space and neighborhoods and eventually loops around Niwot.

On the first Friday of every month, there is “The First Friday Art Walk” which features acclaimed artists showing their work throughout Old Town Niwot and Cottonwood Square.

There are a couple of cool things that are coming up this month so if you have time, make it out to Niwot for Left Hander’s Day on August 11th for some live music and fantastic food vendors. On August 18th, Niwot also features Jazz on Second Ave.

For such a small town, Niwot has some serious flair!

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