Gunbarrel, Colorado – You Might Just Find What You Are Looking For

Gunbarrel, Colorado- a cool place with an even cooler name. This little area of Boulder is nestled just northeast of the the city and is separated from the hustle and bustle of Boulder proper by a couple of miles of serene and picturesque open space.

Before we had the Diagonal Highway, Gunbarrel Road was the main stagecoach road between Boulder and Longmont. It was named so because it of its well defined and very straight nature. These days, Gunbarrel is know for being a nice, spacious, and affordable alternative to living in Boulder proper. While the area is very close to all the great things Boulder has to offer and is part of the the City of Boulder, it boasts some benefits of its own.

First and foremost, Gunbarrel is surrounded by miles of open space and trails. The City of Boulder has hundreds of acres of designated open space that surround the city. Since you have to drive through some of that to get to the community of Gunbarrel, there is a sense of openness and space that you just don’t get when you are in the hustle and bustle of Boulder.

Gunbarrel is home to a couple of fantastic companies and employers. Celestial Seasonings, a pioneer in the natural food movement, has called this area home for over 40 years. When you get close to Celestial Seasonings, you will know. Scents of the herbs that are being ground that day waft through the air. They give free tours that are fantastic.

IBM also has a branch in Gunbarrel. They employ more than 2800 people in the area and continue to be Boulder and Broomfield Counties largest employer. The Gunbarrel location is convenient for Boulder, Denver and Longmont commuters alike.

Since I spend most of time searching for homes for my clients and this is in fact a real estate blog, it is worthwhile to note that Gunbarrel offers a great alternative to home buyers that want to live very close to Boulder but aren’t interested in paying the Boulder proper prices. It is just a hop, skip, and a jump away and that makes all the difference with regard to affordability.

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