The Little Yoga Studio Packs a Big Punch- Yoga in Boulder Colorado

If there is one thing that Boulderites do well, it’s yoga. Let me tell you, when I moved here from Ohio and went to my first yoga class in Boulder, it was not pretty.
I was huffing and puffing, out of breath, out of shape, and after my first couple yoga classes here, out of money.  The streets are dotted with yoga studios- yoga pants and yoga mats are a common sight around town. If you are new to the city and want to do yoga, your only choice is to choose a yoga studio at random and give it a shot. It went to several yoga studios around town- some were too crowded, some too expensive, some did a style of yoga I didn’t love. In Columbus, I had found an inexpensive, challenging, and fun yoga studio and I thought I may not be able to find something like that here. I started going to the gym at my apartment complex and gave yoga a break.
I can’t remember the exact circumstances of how I found The Little Yoga Studio- I am pretty certain it had to do with me breaking something and a trip to McGuckin’s Hardware (TLYS is right next door). How it happened doesn’t matter- what matters is that I am thankful it did!
The Little Yoga Studio is a cozy, quaint and clean studio tucked right behind McGuckin’s hardware. After my first class there, I knew I was hooked. TLYS opened just over a year ago and is truly one of a kind. The instructors are very knowledgeable and friendly. The atmosphere is casual and informal, instructors learn your name, and students feel comfortable working at their own pace and at their own level. Also, the classes are only 10 dollars. There are several free classes per week where you can go try it out and if you buy a package of classes, it is discounted even more.
While there are a lot of different classes (Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Power, Heated, Non-Heated, etc), my favorite is on Sunday mornings. They do a detox class that will kick your butt into great shape! The sweat will be dripping and your arms and legs will be burning, but when you are done, you feel fantastic.
If you are moving to the area or if you haven’t found a yoga studio you love, check out The Little Yoga Studio. You may just find what you are looking for.
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