Want to Jump Start Your Boulder Colorado Small Business? Reg Gupton Inc. Might Be Just What You Are Looking For.

When we were getting K&A Properties up and rolling we had the chance to work with Reg Gupton, a local small business coach here in Boulder. He was absolutely instrumental in helping us organize, strategize, and prioritize the things we needed for our real estate business. For those of you starting a small business in Boulder, you may be looking for some answers- and Reg Gupton likely has them. Read on to find out if Reg can help your business, too.

What kind of business is Reg Gupton Inc.? What exactly do you do?Small Business Coach Boulder Colorado Reg Gupton

I do coaching for small businesses, independent sales professionals and real estate individuals. If you sell or market something- I can help.

What makes you unique and cool? What makes you stand out?

I have 40 years of business experience and a proven track record of success. I’ve helped technology franchises, experienced and new real estate brokers, retailers, mortgage people and title representatives. If you do what we talk about- you will absolutely have success. Together we can increase your sales without adding hours to your workday or maintain your sales income and give you more time to spend outside of the office.

What kind of success have your clients had?

One of my clients achieved the following increase in sales over a five year period:

Here are her numbers:

year 1- $2.1 million, (earning = $52,500)
year 2- $5.0 million (earnings = $142,000)
year 3- $9.0 million (earnings = $192,000)
year 4- $11.0 million (earnings = $251,000)
year 5- $12.0 million (earnings = $281,000)

How would you like people to view your business?

Think about me as a fun problem solver.

What do you wish people knew about your business or industry?

Everybody needs a coach/mentor/somebody who’s been where they haven’t been. Tony Robbins, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan – they all had or have coaches. I can remember a time when it was common place for a new professional to work with a more experienced mentor for their first few years. Time and time again its been shown that the return on investment of working with a coach is huge.

We asked Reg if he would be willing to offer something special to our readers and he obliged:

Call Reg at 303-544-0340 and tell him that you heard about him from this blog and he will be happy to give you a free 30 minute coaching session.

How can people get a hold of you?

Phone – 303-544-0340

Email – gupton@growthseminars.com

Where can you find out more about Reg? Visit his website:



By Ken Crifasi

5 Things You Gotta Know Before Going to the Boulder International Film Festival

Boulder Theater

Boulder Theater

It’s BIFF time again here in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. As we head into next week’s festivities, I thought it would be appropriate to provide you, our reader,  with some tasty tidbits of info about how to make your Boulder International Film Festival experience a total success.

1. Get your tickets (eh hem, RIGHT NOW!!). They sell out really quickly and once they are gone, they are long gone! Visit the Boulder Theater Online Box Office to purchase tickets.

If you don’t know what you want to see or what you want to do, visit the 2013 BIFF Calendar of Events.

Tickets unavailable or sold out online? Rush tickets are often available for purchase at the
program venue box office 10 minutes prior to showtime. Rush on over to find out!

If you’re the procrastination type, be in line early (oxymoron?) for last minute
tickets! There is limited seating and, sadly, you’ll be turned away.

2. Get your Boulder snow gear out and dress warm (and if you are like me, bring a copious amount of hot chocolate).  If you did not get tickets in advance,
you should plan on arriving an hour before show time. You will be standing in line in
the cold, so plan accordingly.

3. Are you a film lover? Get the BIFF Festival Pass. This is ideal for the film lovers who want guaranteed access to films, parties and events.

Do you take film watching to the extreme? There’s a pass for that, too! It’s the BIFF Red Carpet Pass! First-class access to ALL BIFF programs, private celebrity reception, parties, workshops and second screenings at eTown hall.

Click the link for information on How to Purchase BIFF Passes.

4. Are you tight on cash but want the experience? Participate in the special events or
workshops. Yes, going to the films is exciting, but to mingle with the people takes it
to the next level.

For the penny pincher: Go to the BAD: BIFF After Dark party at the Boulder Theater on
the 16th. This is a wind-down to the whirlwind of creative films and a celebration of
another successful BIFF! It’s free with a pass and $20 without a pass.

My biggest suggestion would be to splurge on the opening night Valentine’s Gala
for $65. You get 2 parties for the price of 1! Not only will there a red carpet and the
feeling of importance, but the drinks and dancing at Rembrandt Yard are worth it!
There will also be aerial performers for your entertainment.

There may even be some celebrity sightings.

5. Have a Plan B (Or a VERY good friend to stand in line with you)! If you wait until the last minute and stand in line for tickets, you may or may not get in. Take a buddy and have a back up plan so you can enjoy some other Pearl Street activities.

What’s Playing?

Visit the Boulder Theater Online Box Office to view what’s playing. Click on the film titles to see a description.

2013 Boulder International Film Festival Calendar of Events

-Tips brought to you by Shelley Janes

Valentine’s Day in Boulder CO- Where to go? Where to go?

Sushi Zanmai Boulder

Sushi Zanmai Boulder

Thursday’s mean one thing here at K&A Properties. Thursdays = several hours of throwing balls at each others heads at our weekly dodge ball game at the South Boulder Rec Center. But, alas, no dodge ball next week because the date is February 14th! We will have to take a break, put the killer instinct on the back burner, and probably go on a date. So here are a few ideas I have thought about today and I wanted to share. These are a couple of our favorite restaurants here in Boulder and would be great V-Day spots.

Pizzeria Basta– This great casual yet elegant restaurant is one of our faves. They serve classic Napoletana style pizza that really hits the spot. Ken goes past pizza connoisseur and verges on the pizza obsessed and Pizzeria Basta is his fave. They also have domestic charcuterie and cheese to start off with, a great wine list, super friendly servers, and homemade doughnuts for dessert that you can dip in homemade whip cream. Need I say more?

The Kitchen -Simply one of the best meals you can have in Boulder. They call themselves a community bistro because they have Community Dinner Monday nights where they donate 20% of the sales to putting organic gardens in Boulder Schools.  They have a farm-to-table menu that evolves seasonally and the atmosphere is elegant, sophisticated and comfortable all at the same time. The tomato soup here is famous among Boulder-ites. Try the ribeye or the mussels.

Sushi Zanmai -For the casual, fun Valentine’s Day. Sushi Zanmai has some of the best sushi I have ever had (and I lived in Japan for a chunk of 2007 and 2008) and a really fun, inviting atmosphere. The staff is so friendly and they are all clearly having a really good time. The food is great and it all has a really nice Boulder vibe.

Flagstaff House -The Flagstaff House is where you want to go for special occasions and to really do it up right. To get there, you twist and turn up Baseline Road to a beautiful restaurant perched on the side of the mountain. The views are absolutely amazing- a truly one of a kind dining experience. For the resident meat eaters, try the Filet Mignon. If you are on a budget, go there for drinks, appetizers, or dessert at the bar.

Well, I haven’t decided where we should go next week for Valentine’s Day but I do know that I am really hungry now. If you are thinking about going to one of these or have a restaurant or activity that should go on this list, let me know and I will include it!


Allison Benham

Wide Open Spaces- Hiking the Meyers Homestead Trail in Boulder, Colorado


If you are looking for hiking in Boulder, Colorado, we all know you don’t have to go far. There are bike trails, hike trails, and running trails that crisscross the city and the mountains and Boulderites love to take advantage.

This last Sunday, Ken and I knew we wanted to take advantage and get outside but we also knew that our usual hiking trails at Chautauqua would be jam packed. We wanted to get out of the city and go exploring so we picked a new hiking trail and set out for some fun.

We randomly chose the Meyers Homestead Trail. This trail is 9 miles south west of Boulder off of Flagstaff road. It is a bit over 5 miles long and is rated “moderate” in terms of difficulty. To get there, you will twist and turn all the way up to the top of the mountain. After you reach the top and start to descend, the Meyers Homestead Trail will be off to your right.

We knew when we drove in we had found our new happy place. The parking lot was almost empty and there was wide open space as far as our eyes could see. Since the trail is pretty much at the top of the mountain, it has an openness and airiness that a lot of the other trails don’t have.

The well maintained, wide trail starts to roll gently up as you continue your ascent. One of the many cool things along the way is an old, abandoned sawmill. The first families that settled on that land used the sawmill to harvest timber for their own use and for sale in Boulder County.  The Boulder Canyon Overlook is the end of the trail and is 2.6 miles from the parking area where there are some nice views and a bench to rest!

I can’t wait to get out there again next weekend!

The Little Yoga Studio Packs a Big Punch- Yoga in Boulder Colorado

If there is one thing that Boulderites do well, it’s yoga. Let me tell you, when I moved here from Ohio and went to my first yoga class in Boulder, it was not pretty.
I was huffing and puffing, out of breath, out of shape, and after my first couple yoga classes here, out of money.  The streets are dotted with yoga studios- yoga pants and yoga mats are a common sight around town. If you are new to the city and want to do yoga, your only choice is to choose a yoga studio at random and give it a shot. It went to several yoga studios around town- some were too crowded, some too expensive, some did a style of yoga I didn’t love. In Columbus, I had found an inexpensive, challenging, and fun yoga studio and I thought I may not be able to find something like that here. I started going to the gym at my apartment complex and gave yoga a break.
I can’t remember the exact circumstances of how I found The Little Yoga Studio- I am pretty certain it had to do with me breaking something and a trip to McGuckin’s Hardware (TLYS is right next door). How it happened doesn’t matter- what matters is that I am thankful it did!
The Little Yoga Studio is a cozy, quaint and clean studio tucked right behind McGuckin’s hardware. After my first class there, I knew I was hooked. TLYS opened just over a year ago and is truly one of a kind. The instructors are very knowledgeable and friendly. The atmosphere is casual and informal, instructors learn your name, and students feel comfortable working at their own pace and at their own level. Also, the classes are only 10 dollars. There are several free classes per week where you can go try it out and if you buy a package of classes, it is discounted even more.
While there are a lot of different classes (Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Power, Heated, Non-Heated, etc), my favorite is on Sunday mornings. They do a detox class that will kick your butt into great shape! The sweat will be dripping and your arms and legs will be burning, but when you are done, you feel fantastic.
If you are moving to the area or if you haven’t found a yoga studio you love, check out The Little Yoga Studio. You may just find what you are looking for.
To watch a You Tube video about The Little Yoga Studio, click below:
For their website and a schedule of classes:
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Nederland, Colorado-Mountain Living at It’s Best!

       The small town of Nederland (called Ned around these parts) sits west of Boulder in a beautiful valley that was carved by a glacier thousands of years ago. The first inhabitants of the area were Ute Indians who began trading with European settlers in the early 1800’s, establishing the town as a trading post. Nederland was first called Dayton, then Brownsville, then Middle Boulder, until the silver-rich mine (Caribou MIne) in the town was sold to Mining Company Nederland from Holland. Ned became a mountain ghost town when the Caribou mines declined. Ned’s population grew in the 1960’s when “hippies” brought new life to the sleepy valley. Now Ned’s population is 1,361 and still growing.
Ned is a true mountain town and it sits at an elevation of 8320 ft. That being said, hiking biking, exploring, and traipsing around Rocky Mountain National Park and the Indian Peaks Wilderness are the local pass times.
       The best hikes begin at the Hesse Trailhead, Brainard Lake, and Fourth of July Trailhead. From those trailheads, you can get onto the Continental Divide (and feel like you’re on top of the world), or take an easy stroll around beautiful mountain lakes and enjoy the occasional deer, marmot, or beaver.
       If the hiking and biking isn’t your thing, check out the Carousel of Happiness– an adorable newly brought to life carousel of 56 whimsical character animals. Perfect for families and only 1 dollar a ride. Open 10a-8p, 7 days/ week.
       To grab a bite, head over to Katmandu Restaurant, for authentic Nepali and Indian Cuisine. This food is the talk of the town. Many people from Boulder visit Ned just to grab lunch or dinner here.
       When we made it up to Ned, the first thing we did was visit the Savory Cafe.  Can’t forget those delicious homemade fries and turkey subs. Try this place out! Friendly atmosphere and seriously yummy.
       If you happen to be in Boulder the last weekend of August, check out NedFest
(The Nederland Music & Arts Festival). NedFest is a three-day outdoor music and arts festival on the shores of the Barker reservoir.  Dance your buns off with the most fun group of people you’ll ever be with.
       Ned is maybe most famous for Frozen Dead Guy Days. This peculiar festival started in 2002 and has a very interesting and unique story. Trygve Bauge took Bredo Morstøl’s (his grandfather) corpse, preserved on dry ice and in liquid nitrogen, from Norway to Nederland. Trygve and his mother, Aud, attemped to preserve the body cryogenically frozen in a shack behind their house.  When this was discovered, the town of Nederland added a new provision to its Municipal Code that outlaws all preservation of “whole or any part of a person, body or carcass.” Despite this law, Bredo’s body remained frozen due to the publicity that had arisen. Watch this video to get a sense of how the town of Nederland celebrates the frozen dead guy every March 4-6th.
Suffice it to say, for such a small town, Nederland has a lot going on!
For more info on the upcoming NedFest, visit:
To search for homes in Ned, go to:
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