Want to Jump Start Your Boulder Colorado Small Business? Reg Gupton Inc. Might Be Just What You Are Looking For.

When we were getting K&A Properties up and rolling we had the chance to work with Reg Gupton, a local small business coach here in Boulder. He was absolutely instrumental in helping us organize, strategize, and prioritize the things we needed for our real estate business. For those of you starting a small business in Boulder, you may be looking for some answers- and Reg Gupton likely has them. Read on to find out if Reg can help your business, too.

What kind of business is Reg Gupton Inc.? What exactly do you do?Small Business Coach Boulder Colorado Reg Gupton

I do coaching for small businesses, independent sales professionals and real estate individuals. If you sell or market something- I can help.

What makes you unique and cool? What makes you stand out?

I have 40 years of business experience and a proven track record of success. I’ve helped technology franchises, experienced and new real estate brokers, retailers, mortgage people and title representatives. If you do what we talk about- you will absolutely have success. Together we can increase your sales without adding hours to your workday or maintain your sales income and give you more time to spend outside of the office.

What kind of success have your clients had?

One of my clients achieved the following increase in sales over a five year period:

Here are her numbers:

year 1- $2.1 million, (earning = $52,500)
year 2- $5.0 million (earnings = $142,000)
year 3- $9.0 million (earnings = $192,000)
year 4- $11.0 million (earnings = $251,000)
year 5- $12.0 million (earnings = $281,000)

How would you like people to view your business?

Think about me as a fun problem solver.

What do you wish people knew about your business or industry?

Everybody needs a coach/mentor/somebody who’s been where they haven’t been. Tony Robbins, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan – they all had or have coaches. I can remember a time when it was common place for a new professional to work with a more experienced mentor for their first few years. Time and time again its been shown that the return on investment of working with a coach is huge.

We asked Reg if he would be willing to offer something special to our readers and he obliged:

Call Reg at 303-544-0340 and tell him that you heard about him from this blog and he will be happy to give you a free 30 minute coaching session.

How can people get a hold of you?

Phone – 303-544-0340

Email – gupton@growthseminars.com

Where can you find out more about Reg? Visit his website:



By Ken Crifasi


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