For The Serious Home Buyer in Boulder County

Do you remember when the Tickle Me Elmo dolls came out and they were so hard to come by that people were physically attacking each other to get one?

Well, that’s kinda what the housing market has been like in Boulder County this year (ok, we haven’t seen any fist fights……… not yet).

2013 Has Started Off With a Bang

Foreclosure rates have dropped below pre-recession amounts, mortgage rates are still at all time lows and home values across the county have started to rise. All indicators are pointing toward a recovering market. You can get an undervalued home right now, with the lowest interest rates that we’re likely to see in our lifetimes and expect to see your investment appreciate healthily as the market continues its recovery over the next few years.

Inventory Levels of Homes For Sale Shown in Blue

Inventory Levels of Homes For Sale in Boulder Shown in Blue  Dec 2009 – Dec 2012

It’s no secret that we are experiencing a unique time in real estate for home buyers.

The demand for housing in Boulder County will likely reach record highs this year. With demand high, competition for great homes will be high, too. What do we mean by competition?

Agents are consistently reporting that they have multiple buyers that they can’t find homes for. Homes coming onto the market are going under contract in days (sometimes hours). The days where you could pick up a foreclosure or short sale for pennies on the dollar are long gone. In many cases distressed properties are selling for over list price!

What does this mean for the serious buyer?

You need to be like a crouched tiger, eyes fixed, heels cocked with out stretched claws………

Sorry, got carried away there.

If you are serious about buying a great home in Boulder County this year you’re going to greatly improve your chances of success by speaking with an agent today and finding out how to be in position to make sure you end up in the home you want.

Chances are at some point you’ll team up with a real estate agent (9 out of 10 buyers do) to help manage the purchase of your next home.  Thing is, it doesn’t cost a dime to get started early. Buyer’s agents get paid by home sellers and regardless of how long you work with your agent. That doesn’t change.

How can you get started right now?

Take a moment to fill out this Home Buyer Needs Form. Don’t worry you’re not signing a contract. You’re just sending your needs to one of our market experts so that he or she can review your unique situation and share with you any helpful information that may help you insure that you’re ready to compete for the best homes. If after meeting one of our team members you decide that you’d like to have our support in your home search – we can move into full swing operations. If you decided not to, at least you’ll be a little smarter for having had the conversation. Who can complain about that?

– Ken Crifasi, Owner K&A Properties


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