Are You Selling Your Boulder County Home? Here are 5 Things You Must Do to Sell Your Home for the Price You Want in the Time You Want

Martin Acres RealtyKen and I spend a lot of our time working with buyers and showing them homes. The motivation of the seller is usually clear right of the bat. Use these tips and tricks for selling your Boulder County home to make sure your home is one of the lucky ones that sell in the slower winter months.

1. The most important thing you do when selling your home is setting the price. The price of your home is the difference between whether you get an offer for your home in the first week or whether your home sits on the market for weeks on end making other homes look good. The most interest and viewings of homes happens during the first two weeks. If real estate agents and buyers think your home is over priced, the interest wanes, they forget about your home, and you will eventually have to sell your home for less than you could have originally. Consult with your agent and check out the comparable properties in the area to know what your competition is. Set the price where buyers will see a lot of value.

2. Make sure your agent takes great pictures- or has a professional do it. Agents and buyers search for homes in the same way- they always start on the internet. If your home has bad pictures, too few pictures, or no pictures at all, buyers and agents will skip over it to look at properties that do have pictures. No one wants to waste time going to a home that won’t work. Pictures help everyone make that decision. They can make all the difference.

3. Clean it up. Make sure the your home is neat and tidy, not just for the pictures but for anytime that people may be coming to see it. I have been in countless properties in which it seems like the sellers don’t even want to sell, the home is so messy, cluttered, and dirty that the buyer would have to be crazy to write an offer. Get the carpets professionally cleaned, take care of pet and food smells, and take small and personal items out of the home. Less is more. You want the buyer to be able to imagine all of their stuff in your home, not be distracted by your things.

4. Stage it. Studies show that staged homes sell faster than empty ones. Sellers need to show buyers how the home works. Highlight any areas that are special. Staging companies can stage small areas, just a room or two, or a whole home. They will also have someone come out and tell you where all the furniture should go for good “flow”. They will give you great pointers for how to highlight all the special things about your home.

5. Be flexible with viewing times. Some buyers have limited times they can go see properties. They may be in town for just a weekend or may have an inflexible work schedule. Make sure you allow as many showings as possible. The more people see your home, the more likely it is someone will love it enough to buy it.

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Check out HGTV for 10 more Tips and Tricks for Selling Your Home.

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