Winter Time Home Tips- From Your Friendly Neighborhood Home Inspector

These great tips are brought to us by Paul Harmeier with 20/20 Home Inspections. Thanks so much Paul!
As it gets chillier outside, most of us end up spending more time indoors. Thoughts of fireplaces and hot cocoa come to mind. In addition to our home’s primary heat source, many of us use either a fireplace, wood stove, space heater or some other secondary heat source to keep us cozy.
These systems need to be properly maintained and serviced so they can provide safe and economical heat. Gas fireplaces should be serviced every couple of years to ensure correct flame setting and reduce the amount of soot and acidic gasses that can be produced. The glass on your fireplace can be a great indicator of potential problems. An excess amount of white residue on the glass is a good indication that the unit needs service. You should never remove the glass front on a gas fireplace as this is sealed to prevent CO gasses from entering the living area. Be sure to clean all exterior fireplace vents to allow the fireplace to properly draw air into the flue. Always have a certified fireplace technician service make necessary repairs.
Wood burning fireplaces should also be cleaned to prevent buildup of creosote in the flue. Too much creosote can actually catch fire in the chimney. Again, call a professional. Space heaters require special care so that they don’t accidentally cause fire to objects around them. Units should have automatic shutoffs if they tip over and should never be left unattended. Common sense and regular routine maintenance will keep you safe and warm during the cold winter months.
Brought to you by Paul Harmeier with 20/20 Home Inspections.
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