Are You Ready for Some Math? Boulder Housing Stats- Fall 2012

When we talk about real estate, numbers are the name of the game. So let’s go over what the numbers say about our Boulder real estate market and why it is a great time to buy and sell real estate in this area.

First, we will compare the Boulder numbers from September 2012 to those from September 2011. The number of homes for sale has decreased 25% (409 to 309), the number of homes sold has increased 31% (38 to 55), and the number of days to an accepted contracts has decreased 31% (69 to 48).

So what do these numbers tell us? First, they tell us that home sellers are holding on tight to their homes. Because of their uncertainty about the economy and the slow and steady housing market recovery, home sellers are waiting for the prices to continue to increase. Buyer demand continues to be strong and the competition is fierce for the best homes. We continue to hear of stories of multiple offers on homes within hours of being listing for sale.

This market is unique because if offers advantages to both buyers and sellers.

Buyers continue to enjoy historically low interest rates. These interest rates coupled with low purchase prices make owning a home more affordable than ever before. In many cases, owning a home is cheaper than renting.

Graph of 30 Year Fixed Mortgage rate:

Sellers get the benefit of a hot housing market! Homes are selling like hot cakes. If you are thinking of selling your home to be closer to work or your family or if you are simply ready for a home upgrade, you couldn’t ask for a better time to list. Also, on the flip side, after you sell your home you will have the opportunity to capitalize on the same benefits that buyers are currently getting. It’s a double whammy of real estate success!

The numbers and interpretation can go on and on. For numbers on our neighbor cities Louisville, Lafayette, Longmont, or Broomfield, shoot me an email at
– Allison Benham

To read more about the housing market recovery, go to:

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