Boulder Colorado Real Estate Investment Market Update

Real estate trends in the markets near Boulder Colorado 10/20/12

Below you will find charts that show the number of active properties vs the number of sold properties in a given month in different areas near Boulder. There are two graphs for each area – one for single family homes and one for attached dwellings (condos and town homes). If the image is too small to read, you can select the image to view it in full size.
Feel free to share any conclusions or thoughts about the current trends.

Longmont Single Family Home Sales

Longmont Attached Dwelling Sales

Loveland and Berthoud Single Family Home Sales

Loveland and Berthoud Attached Dwelling Sales

Greely Single Family Home Sales

Greely Attached Dwelling Sales

Fort Collins Single Family Home Sales

Fort Collins Attached Dwelling Sales

Boulder Single Family Home Sales

Boulder Attached Dwelling Sales

Check back in for more updates on current market conditions.

– Ken Crifasi

Boulder Colorado's Best Real Estate Agents


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