Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Boulder Colorado

Opportunity Abounds for the Boulder Real Estate Investor

With home prices down and mortgage rates at historic lows, real estate hasn’t ever been cheaper. Rental rates are equal to and in some areas higher than the cost of owning a home. The market is loaded with unprecedented numbers of distressed properties and according to recent reports there are still tens of thousands of REO properties in Boulder and Denver banks inventories. For at least the next 5 years, the Boulder/Denver area will be ripe with opportunity for savvy investors to start, add to, or improve their wealth building portfolios.

Building Wealth Through Real Estate Investing

Certified Investor Agent Specialist

To best serve those of you who are interested in real estate investing I hold the
Certified Investor Agent Specialist™ (CIAS) Designation. With the CIAS, I have the training, tools and calculations to effectively serve the five investor types: First-Time Investor, Move-Up Investor, Portfolio Investor, Performance Investor, and Rehab and Resell Investor. Real estate represents a consistent and stable way to build wealth, brings liquidity to our housing market, and stimulates our local economy. In fact, in the past year, investment and second-home properties represented approximately 27% of all residential sales. It’s also worth noting that nationwide, 43% of real estate investors earned less than $75,000 per year. You don’t need to have a fortune to start investing and you don’t need a MBA.

Real Estate vs. Stocks

Today, real estate is quite literally on sale! There is an unprecedented opportunity to build
wealth through real estate, and I specialize in helping all investors achieve their goals.
Contact me today to learn more about investing in real estate.

-Ken Crifasi    303-956-1771

Boulder Colorado's Best Real Estate Agents


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