How To Sell Your Home In Boulder Colorado

“How can I sell a home in Boulder Colorado?”

Selling a House In Boulder County

Ken and I have talked a bit about how many homes are selling in this hotter than hot Boulder market, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that all the homes are selling. The truth of the matter is that while many homes are selling quick, quick, quick, some are still sitting around. The reason is not a mystery, nor it is rocket science or brain surgery. The homes in the best shape at the best price are the ones that will move. The homes that don’t look so hot or that are priced just a bit too high….. well, they just make the houses down the street sell that much quicker.

So, if you need to make a move, it is important that you position your house so that it looks like the best deal in the neighborhood. It is important to do this right from the beginning too. Houses get the most showings, the most visitors, and the most offers in the first several weeks. After that, it is a slow and steady decline to the bottom of the heap. After your home has been on the market too long, buyers start to think there must be something wrong with it so they are less likely to make a strong offer. At that time, the number of offers that come in will be less and those offers will be weaker.

So, not to be too much of a downer- let’s talk about what you can do to make your home stand out. I put together a list of steps that will help your home win the beauty contest that is the game of real estate.

Tips On Selling Your Home In Boulder:

Exterior Notes:
-Paint the front door and polish the door knob. Everyone notices the front door on the way in.
-Make sure the front yard looks nice- clutter free, mowed grass, neatly maintained gardening.
-Put a few potted plants by the front door and get a new welcome mat.

Interior Notes:
-Make sure the flow of the rooms is good. Take out extra furniture, knick-knacks, and trinkets. Consider a storage unit or put it in the garage.
-De-personalize the home. You want anyone that walks in to imagine they could live in your home. Take out family photos and other things that make someone focus on your things instead of the house.
-Steam clean carpets.
-Paint the walls if necessary.
-Put new towels in the bathrooms.

General Do’s and Don’ts:
-Turn on all lights and open drapes or blinds.
-Take pets away so potential buyers can walk around freely.
-Light a candle.

Also, last but not least, leave. Buyers feel awkward when the seller is present. They can’t express how they feel and they can’t relax enough to see how they may love living in your home. Also, for your sake you don’t want to be there. You wouldn’t want to accidentally  tell a buyer that you have to move by the end of the month or that you would take less than the listing price. Your own negotiation power is diminished and that is the last thing you want!

– Allison Benham, Boulder County Realtor

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